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A former kitchen manager put this Kitchen Manager Manual and Health Code Cheat Sheet together based on the Kitchen Manager Manual for College House student co-ops.

From the House Minutes (

"Sasona is a vegetarian coop, however in the spirit of inclusion of all types of people, the members are welcome to use the kitchen for their own personal foods, including meat. The reason that the house is vegetarian is largely due to the economics of eating cheaper better foods, and the ease of keeping a vegetarian kitchen sanitary.

"When members cook meat in the kitchen, they should respect the vegetarian nature of the house. This should be done by completely sanitizing all used cooking and preparation surfaces, by not cooking meat at times that the house's vegetarian meals are being prepared, and by running the ventilation system in the kitchen at all times that meat is being privately prepared." (Motion passed, 6-0-3; Feb. 13, 2005)

EVERYONE -- every member of the house is responsible for following these rules.

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