Spending Policies

House Votes

1. Upon request, up to 10 authorized checks can be given to Maintenance crew members or Shoppers.

2. Receipts must be returned to the lockbox in the house office within 24 hours of spending the check... preferably immediately upon returning home. Failure to turn in within 24 hours results in a no show, which can result in an officer review.

3. Three or more lost receipts is an automatic officer review.

4. If a check is lost, the person named on the check as responsible for the check pays the stop fee.

5. For other house members requesting checks, see the Treasurer. Other house members are held to the same lost receipt and check standards as the Maintenence and Shopper positions.

6. If the check is spent at a location other than those expected for the completion of the task for which the check was written (for example, the Shopper would be expected to have spent checks at a grocery store, etc.), and an itemized receipt is not provided, the person responsible for the check must provide documentation of how the money was spent, and why the unexpected location was chosen, or be held responsible for the amount of the unexplained check.

(House Vote, 3-4-07.) (Updated to 10 checks, 3-21-10.)

Separate Accounts

We have sub-accounts for food shopper and maintenance coordinator at Velocity credit union with (500 one-time) deposit for maintenance coordinator and (current monthly food budget) monthly for food shopper, with debit cards. (House Vote 6/13/10)

CHEA is tax exempt -- don't pay taxes

We don't pay sales taxes. The tax-exempt EIN is 320019308. If you're buying something for the house, don't pay tax!

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