Networking Infrastructure

* SasonaPrinting

* ServerCloset

* SasonaPublicWorkstations

* SasonaNet (our various wired and wireless networks)

Your devices and Internet-enabled Things

* In the future, for increased safety, I'll be making a VLAN to keep various IoT (Internet-of-Things) devices secured separately from the rest of the network. Right now I'm aware of two Philips light controllers with some smart bulbs on the network.

* RegisterYourDevices - In order to track your own impact on house bandwidth, so that it can be optimized for everyone together, you may have your devices registered here for the MastodonOverblower to input into the house networking systems where needed. (currently not needed)

* SasonaDNS (what DNS services Sasona's network uses, and how they can affect things)

Our website, intranet, and wiki

Our main site, of course, is Learn about or discuss issues related to it at SasonaWebsite.

We have a wiki for everyone's use at Everyone is encouraged to contribute content and corrections! Ask the MastodonOverblower to create an account in your name.

We also have a free G Suite for Education arrangement. It is accessible at the following locations: - GMail accounts for everyone - Google Docs for editing, collaborating, and sharing documents (What's New?) - Google Calendar for sharing calendars - This is where you'll find all of our HouseDiscussionLists. - Google Sites, a wiki-like sort of thing I am still experimenting with. (If you wanted a * website of your own I think you could create one using it.) - -

...Google has a lot of apps.


Feel free to share files and folders on your machines. However, the house currently forbids any torrenting of media entertainment due to its negative impact on the network (fills up routing tables, leading to connection starvation). Please contact the MastodonOverblower for assistance in configuring any peer-to-peer sharing or non-media torrenting.

[A misconfigured bittorrent setup on your machine will cause slow or erratic networking for you and for others. The default settings are usually *not* appropriate for use inside Sasona's network and need to be adjusted for best results. You will need to encrypt or obscure this traffic, otherwise it may be blocked at the router, and might also result in our service being canceled by Google Fiber. Some possible useful links here:]


See SasonaPrinting.

@todo see example outline ideas here.


The MastodonOverblower is responsible for managing all of these systems, and notes about what bills must be paid and what behind-the-scenes things must be known are kept in Google Docs.


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