Rochdale Principles

House Vote

In 2006, Sasona voted unanimously to ratify the Rochdale Principles of Cooperation:

More info on the Rochdale Principles

The Rochdale Principles are a set of ideals for the operation of cooperatives. They were first set out by the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers in Rochdale, England, in 1844, and have formed the basis for the principles on which co-operatives around the world operate to this day. The implications of the Rochdale Principles are a focus of study in co-operative economics. The original Rochdale Principles were officially adopted by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) in 1937 as the Rochdale Principles of Co-operation. Updated versions of the principles were adopted by the ICA in 1966 as the Co-operative Principles and in 1995 as part of the Statement on the Co-operative Identity.


From the minutes, 12-10-2006:

ITEM #1: Ratify the Rochdale Principles:

  1. Voluntary and open membership b. Democratic member control c. Member economic participation d. Autonomy and Independence e. Education, Training, and information f. Cooperation among cooperatives g. concern for community

Patrick motions that we ratify the rochdale principles. Wonko wants to suggest that this could be a preamble to our upcoming mission statement. Merilee Seconds patricks motion.

The house ratifies the Rochdale Principles 10-0-0.

- MinutesFrom2006

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