Waiting List

Everyone on the waiting list has attended two meetings and has been accepted by the house.

If two or more people have the same number in front of their names, that means they're "tied" -- they attended the same meetings, so they both got their second meeting at the same time.

Many of the people on the waiting list are either no longer interested in moving in, or they can't move in any time soon -- so someone's place on the waiting list really doesn't make much of a difference. When people hear "waiting list", they may assume that everyone is waiting to move in, but that isn't the case here. What really matters is whether someone is ready and able to write us a check and move in as soon as a room opens up.

Prospective members must re-apply if they were accepted six months or more previously. In the case that they have to re-apply, they will be given a new spot on the waiting list based on their most recent second meeting. A list of "expired" prospectives is in the Membership Coordinator's google drive.

Prospective members on the waiting list can be reconsidered. See MemberAcceptancePolicy.

Date of Acceptance

Prospective Name

Last Meeting

Expiration of Eligibility


Kim Ehardt




Cinya Yu




Parth Sethia



Denied Membership:

Michael Elwell

Jeremy Ashton Feigenbaum

Rich Neapolitan


Sharon Fritz

John Wallace


Evron Barber (Sasona)

Eskae Johnson (CHEA wide)

Phil J Wilson (can appeal at house meeting) by vote of 5-1-3

Chad Douglas Schmidt-Cowan (house vote 2016/01/03)

Russel "Thor" Roland

Scott Heaton

Shane ?

Alex Stevens

Sean Ridley

Tom Page (CHEA wide) Tom and Melissa- Banned Members.jpg

Melissa Sanchez (CHEA wide) Tom and Melissa- Banned Members.jpg

Oliver Markley (evicted) Oliver.jpg

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