Labor of Love Officer Project Proposal: Orientation Curriculum Creation

Need: New members at Sasona usually begin life as Sasoonies without any prior knowledge of how co-ops in general and this co-op specifically work. Their access to information about where things are and how they work is controlled by who is in the dining room and what they know. This system is haphazard and dysfunctional.

Objectives: Anticipate the needs of new members and minimize the time and effort necessary for them to become contributing members

Project Description: I will create a process and a product to achieve this objective Create New Member Checklists for each officer according to his or her domain. The checklists would serve as an outline of topics to discuss with new members. Create an Orientation Activity Book to contain these lists and facilitate their use. The activity book guides new members through the process of collecting information from the wiki, from officers, and fellow co-opers.

Project Timeline: Checklists for 4 officer positions will be completed each week. 4 weeks after the project commences all the New Member Checklists will be completed. 6 weeks after the project commences the Orientation Activity Book will be available for the house to comment on and edit. 8 weeks after the project commences the Orientation Activity Book will be available for use as a PDF or in paper form.

Labor Credit: 2 lumps of labor a week for 6 weeks. If an influx of new members were not imminent I would have proposed a 1 lump per week timeline. However, a big turnover is coming and I’d like to have something to use when it does.

Resources Needed: I will need approximately an hour of each house officers’ time that I will schedule at their leisure. I will donate the money necessary to make 20 paper copies. The house will be responsible for making further paper copies. The Orientation Activity Book will be available as a PDF.

Proposed by Ruth S. Passed by Sasona at the house meeting on March 24, 2013, 8/0/2.

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