Officer Review Guidelines

1. An Officer Review is a public review of an elected house officer's performance at a house meeting. An Officer Review can result in a vote to remove the Officer from their position. The house cannot end an officer's term prematurely by any means other than an Officer Review. (Officer review guidelines also apply to Board Members.)

2. Any two (2) members of the house may call an Officer Review of any officer (anyone elected to their position by the house) by publicly posting the reasons for the review 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

3. The Officer being reviewed has a right to fully address all of the reasons for the review.

4. The Officer does not have to be in attendance at the meeting to be removed from office. The Officer being reviewed may write a response, which will be presented at the meeting, if they are unable/unwilling to attend the meeting.

5. After discussing all of the reasons for the review, the Chair will ask the Officer in question to leave the room while the meeting decides whether to call for a vote to remove them from office. While the Officer is out of the room, no new issues will be brought up. If any new issues are brought up, then the Officer will be called back into the room and given the chance to address those issues. The vote will take place while the Officer is out of the room.

6. The vote will be a secret, written vote, tallied by the Meeting Chair and the Steward (or by other appropriate officers if necessary). The vote can be taken on paper ballots, prepared by the Meeting Chair.

7. If a simple majority of the meeting (more than 50%, not counting abstentions) votes to remove the Officer from office, then that person will be removed from the position.

8. An Officer who is removed has a right to appeal the vote at another house meeting within ten days of original review. (If necessary, a meeting can be scheduled on a different day to allow for everyone to attend.) If the motion to appeal does not pass (by a simple majority vote) at the appeal meeting, then the original vote to remove the Officer will be binding.

(House vote, 1-6-2013.)


A single member may call for a vote to remove the officer in question from office.


If the Review is intended to be a discussion about the general performance of the officer, the person calling for the review can make it clear that it will be a friendly review and that a vote to remove them from office is not intended.

If this is the case, another option is to put "Discussion of X Officer Position's Performance" on the agenda, which does not carry the weight of a review, and which would not allow for a vote to remove them from office.

As a matter of courtesy, members are encouraged to talk to the Officer in question, or talk to the Steward, before calling for a Review.

(This is not official policy; it failed a vote; it is offered merely as a suggestion.)

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