If there is a serious network issue, contact the MastodonOverblower, Trip, via SMS or voice, 512 619 2891. SMS (text messages) are usually the quickest way.

To investigate network issues on your own, see NetworkStatus.

Things about our domain, sasona.org



Done recently:


Sasona's shared calendar: https://www.google.com/calendar/hosted/sasona.org

TODO put our Google Fiber contract info here.

Things about the wiki and wiki software

Currently, the wiki runs on a server in the server closet. I would very much like to move that hosting out onto the Internet and onto more reliable hardware, but our web hosting does not support MoinMoin. So far, all the other wiki software has proven to be unsatisfactory, but I'm keeping an eye on it and looking for options.

Wikis that Siteground directly supports: MediaWiki, DokuWiki, PmWiki, WikkaWiki

* idea: are there any hosting providers out there (Amazon?) who have free small educational hosting accounts we could use?


Recently, I made adjustments to one of our wireless routers running dd-wrt. Here's a cool antenna mod I might try sometime: http://www.freeantennas.com/projects/template/index.html

Also looking into our WirelessSignalQuality.

This is why I removed our DNS wildcard address for sasona.org: http://www.iab.org/documents/correspondence-reports-documents/docs2003/2003-09-20-dns-wildcards/

at OverblowerWikiExperiments I have some in-progress MoinMoin plugins.


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