Membership Coordinator Training Checklist

The purpose of this list is to assist in a smooth transition from the outgoing membership coordinator to the new. Written by parker, Oct 2011.

1. Read the labor description – JobDescriptions#MembershipCoordinator

2. Memorize the Member Acceptance Policy – MemberAcceptancePolicy

3. Memorize the Contract Signing Policies – ContractSigningPolicies

4. Get the keys and learn about the filing cabinet ( storing contracts past and future) with the outgoing membership coordinator

5. Get the login info for the Gmail account .

6. Get onto google drive and look over the email responses, the list of prospectives & FAQ – SasonaFrequentlyAskedQuestions

7. Understand Sasona's stance on subleasing. We do not sublease. Go over the rules in your folder with the previous memco.

8. Get documents of the craigslist ad as well as the Facebook login – AdvertisingSasona

9. Learn how to update the wiki, specifically – MemberRentsAndDates

10. Be familiar with this info – MediationInfo

Fair Housing

There are many laws to make housing fair. We are not allowed to discriminate on race, gender, and many other things. It is important for the Membership Coordinator to know these, so Sasona, CHEA, and the Membership Coordinator do not get sued. Daniel Miller from NASCO Properties gave us these slides on the topic.

Recommendations from Molly 2021 (not required):

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