Labor Policies

House Votes

SAFLA (South Austin Free Labor Agreement)

Any CHEA members of the same house may consensually exchange: labor for labor, labor for goods, labor for currency, labor for services, labor for favors. Any member who enters a documented agreement to do another member’s labor is responsible for that labor and can be held accountable for labor that is late, incomplete, or undone and will be subject to any and all of their house’s and CHEA’s policies for labor accountability.

In the event that labor is late, incomplete, or undone, and it is not clear who is responsible -- both due to a claim of an undocumented exchange and also no party willingly accepts responsibility -- then the original member scheduled for labor will be held accountable. (Passed 6-0-6 on 1/29/2012)

Labor Fine Policy

The last day of any month is a fine deadline after which all no-shows from the previous calendar month will be zeroed into fines. (House vote, 04-12-20.)

Here's an example:

Fred, since he was no-showed at the beginning of the month, has 9 weeks to complete his make-up labor. Fred should check with the Labor Czar to confirm how many lumps he owes if he wishes to complete makeup labor before the official labor report is sent out. Depending on the situation, his no show could be reduced to a nag, reduced to one lump, doubled, or tripled.

Billy Jo, no-showed at the end of the month, still has a full 4 weeks to complete his make-up labor.

(While this may not seem fair, things should even out in the long run -- sometimes you get 9 weeks, sometimes you get 4 weeks, depending on when you're no-showed.)

The 1st of every month is the beginning of the next no-show period, and the last day of the month is the end of the preceding period.

So, every month, on the 1st of the month, fines will be assessed. And no one will owe any make-up labor for more than 9 weeks.

The Machine

:The guideline used by the Labor Czar to determine how no-shows are penalized. (Voted on 4/30/06.) The no-show lump is converted into 1, 2, or 3 make-up lumps. If make-up lumps are not done in time, they are converted to fines at a fix rate ($10 per lump). (Voted on 8/20/2023.)




TRIPLETIME (We called it a "Nefarious no-show" at 21st St)



Members are contractually obligated to do weekly labor and Labor Holiday ("additional labor") by Section 28 of the Contract:

"28. HOUSE LABOR. Resident agrees to do an assigned share of the regular work duties necessary for the proper operation of the house. Such duties are not to exceed 6 (six) hours per week. Additional labor may be assigned by the house. Resident agrees to pay up to $20 for each hour of assigned labor not completed during the contract period."


Section 4.4.8 of the House Rules states that "Non-performance of house labor" is grounds for eviction.

From Section 4.6 of the House Rules:

"4.6. Criteria for eviction due to non-performance of labor: 4.6.1. Three no-shows in 3 months shall cause the member to be liable for eviction. 4.6.2. If labor is assigned to a member as punishment for a previous no-show, and that labor is not completed before the next infraction, that member will be liable for eviction."

Section 4.7.5 states that "A simple majority vote is required" to evict someone from the house.

Section 4.7.6 states: "A person who is evicted through the house process has the right to appeal to the board. The board will hear the appeal and decide whether to call a grievance committee or deal with the issue at that time. The Decision of the board (or committee) is final."

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