In general, we try as a house to have 3-4 labor holidays per year to accomplish big projects together which we call a "Labor Holiday". For each Labor Holiday each member is expected to put in 2-4 hours/lumps of labor (depending on specific guidance from the current Labor Czar for that specific Labor Holiday) toward the common good above and beyond their normal weekly labor. Here are some special rules passed on 6/24/18 specifically pertaining to trading Labor Holiday labor, and the consequences of not participating.

-A member may sell up to 2 lumps of their Labor Holiday labor to another member of the house

-Any lumps sold must be sold at at least $20 per lump

-Make up labor for missed Labor Holidays is assessed at single-time, however fines for un-performed Labor Holiday make-up labor are assessed at triple-time.

-Labor Holiday hours are to be completed within 4 weeks of the official labor holiday date as set by the Labor Czar. After which the hours will go straight to fines. (Voted 2022-12-04)


"28. HOUSE LABOR: ... Additional labor may be assigned by the house."


23 Labor Holidays: Normally a labor holiday occurs each fall, spring, and summer at each house.


Maintenance Coordinator: "Work with Labor Czar and Grounds Coordinator to plan effective and efficient labor holidays. Communicate with the house to determine what the house wants to accomplish on the labor holiday." -

Grounds Coordinator: "Work with Labor Czar and Maintenance Coordinator to plan effective and efficient labor holidays. Communicate with the house to determine what the house wants to accomplish on the labor holiday." -

Labor Czar: "Work with maintenance coordinator and grounds crew coordinator to plan labor holidays." -

NASCO Properties Management Agreement

"Work Holidays, during which all Residents spend a day cleaning and seeing to minor repairs at the Property, shall take place at least once each term."

See NascoPropertiesGoverningDocuments.

The Chronicles of Lobo Holobo

This is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document about Sasona's Labor Holidays. It has not been voted on, and is intended merely to be informative.

If you have a question that isn't asked frequently enough to appear below, talk to the Labor Czar.

What the hell is a Labor Holiday?

There is no Labor Holiday. There is only LOBO HOLOBO.

Okay… What the hell is LOBO HOLOBO?

LOBO HOLOBO is Nahuatl for “Beer & Power Tools.”

How often does LOBO HOLOBO happen?

LOBO HOLOBO is known to appear every three or four months, or whenever we have some big labor project, serious cleaning, and/or serious maintenance to do. Usually this sort of thing gets noticed by the Maintenance Coordinator, the Grounds Coordinator, and the Labor Czar, who will then summon the dread beast LOBO HOLOBO using unholy panda rituals.

I’m only supposed to do five lumps a week, right? Why do I have to do extra work?

You should have read the fine print, my friend. As a wise man once said, The large print giveth, and the small print, it taketh away. Section 28 of the contract states, “Additional labor may be assigned by the house.” And by “additional labor,” we mean LOBO HOLOBO.

So it is more about the Labor, or more about the Holiday?

We try to have equal parts Labor and Holiday -- you can’t have power tools without beer. If we don’t get all dirty & sweaty & get some work done, then it’s been a failure. If we don’t drink some beer & eat some pizza & have a good time, then it’s been a failure.

How much labor do we have to do?

The Labor Czar will let you know. Generally it’s about 2 to 4 hours.

What if I’m busy that weekend?

You can make up your Labor Holiday labor at some point the following week. Just ask the Labor Czar to help you get the labor made up.

Can I be no-showed for not doing enough lumps for a Labor Holiday?

Hell yes! Especially if you drank beer and ate pizza and sat around inside all day while we busted our asses. You need to get the labor made up pretty quickly, or you can be no-showed.

What if I only do three hours of labor, but I was supposed to do four?

Just don’t tell anybody. They’ll probably be too drunk to notice.

Do I still have to do my regular labor during Labor Holiday weekend?

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! ... Yes.

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