House Votes

This page shall holds a running list of passing house motions for quick reference by Members- Votes follow the format: (for-against-abstaining).

Please reference MeetingMinutes to find more info on the discussions surrounding these decisions.


The House motions that we waive the $100 contract break fee for Dara and reimburse her $437 for the remaining rent for September.

The House motions that we forgive CJ $50 of labor fines and Manuel $20 of labor fines.


The House motions that we forgive CJ $70 in labor fines.


The House motions that we change second line item of dishwasher description be changed from current wording to say “Scrub dishes of any remaining food not scrubbed off. It is the responsibility of each individual to scrub their dish before putting their dish in the dish bin for washing.” Remove the line about running sponges through the sanitizer. Add “Put the dirty sponges in the dirty rags bin. Run scrubby brushes through the sanitizer with the utensils.”

The House motions that we clarify in The Machine that single, double, or triple time should be applied when issuing the amount of makeup lumps and not when converting makeup lumps to fines.


The house motions that we forgive $90 labor fines for Sam and $40 labor fines CJ.

The house motions that we add a bullet point to the culture coordinator description that ensures a new member from the start of their contract date receives the orientation material and completes the material in a timely fashion. Culture Coordinator coordinates new member orientation.

The house motions that we have our next labor holiday on Sept 23rd.


The house moved that we forgive $80 of CJ’s labor fine for completing 8 lumps of makeup labor.


The house moved that we make an exception to accept Matthias’ dog to move in if Matthias decides to move in and to allow Matthias’ dog to come to the house if Matthias chooses to become an associate.


The house moved that we transfer money for a bulk food purchase not to exceed $500 from the main Sasona account to the Foodshopper account. The amount spent will be paid back to the main Sasona account in equal installments over the next four months.


The house should have a sign that has a last inspected date on it that will be updated every time it is inspected and be at the base of the ladder of the tree nest. It should also say "Use at your own risk."

The house accepted the community agreement on mediation as amended. Keep an open mind about others, and don't jump to conclusions. Be polite and respectful to fellow members. Conflict is natural and to be expected within a community. When conflict arises between members, and they cannot come to a mutually agreeable conclusion we use the assistance of elected & engaged mediators to come to a mutual understanding. Recognize that conflict could come from many sources, but we work to restore harm when it is done.


We pass the current budget presented with increase of 4.4% across house resident membership, with expectation that our CHEA representatives will investigate insurance to review and determine if we are properly insured, have conversations with Key Figures and information will be passed down to houses. The board will also determine a reasonable limit for reserves and pass excess back to the houses.


We allow labor czar to use labor done for Mae as stand in for labor holiday hours David Quick owes and thus remove labor fines accrue.

The house approves Indya's one hour make up labor for labor holiday.

House approved Cheng's 5 hours of work on his room to go toward his next Labor Holiday.


If Membership Coordinator is renewing contract during term, Steward will sign off in place of Membership Coordinator for contract. [NOTE: This mean to apply to when MemCo is renewing their own contract .]


Cancel cook labor on Sunday, April 23 so the cooks can attend GMM.

Excuse Mae for labor holiday hours. [NOTE: Mae was injured. Later, we found out she had broken her hip.]


If an officer position is known to be unfilled or not performed for the next week, the Steward should be assigned those lumps in the following week’s labor schedule.


Restore the BMX ramp to the condition of the rest of the grounds under the supervision of the Grounds Coordinator.

On Saturday April 25th 2023, in lieu of brunch, we will serve dinner to be ready at 8pm.

Excuse brunch cooks on April 1st 2023 from cooking and instead they have to pick up breakfast tacos and pizza for labor holiday.

2023-3-6 (Special Meeting for Member Review)

Evron Barber be banned from Sasona property and his membership be revoked.


The treasurer and any other interested Sasona members investigate a proposed amount for an increase in the associate fee and doubles fee and share their proposal at a meeting within the next month.

Approve Alex’s payment plan as stated and waive $25 payment plan fee.


Labor Holiday will be scheduled for Saturday, April 1, 2023. No joke.


We have a rent increase of 3.5% per room that begins April 1, 2023. This replaces the motion previously passed about rent increases. [NOTE: This refers to the rent increase passed with the Budget on 8-1-3.]

Waive the late fees on Manuel’s February rent.


We convert the wall opposing the rock wall (climbing wall on brightside) into a chalk way.

We pass the budget. LINK

Add to the wiki that resident members in good standing may sign an associate membership contract without a gap in membership as long as they sign their associate contract start date to begin immediately after their resident contract expires. If there is a gap, then their prospective process starts from the beginning.

Add to the wiki that any 2 members can add to the agenda an eligibility review of any approved prospective member on the waitlist. The review will require that the second meeting question about evictable offenses be asked again to membership.

Jessi and David have the option to have a two-month social capital plan for the month of January and February 2023 as an exception to the rule.

2022-12-18 Member Review of Brad Christoffersen

Brad Christoffersen will complete 8 hours of make-up labor outside our labor schedule. This labor is to be completed by Dec 31, 2022, or it will go straight to fines.


Cancel the house business meeting/heart meeting for Dec 25 and Jan 1.

Move the Heart Meeting to Jan 8, 2023.

Have Brad Christoffersen’s Membership Review tonight after the business meeting.

Sasona will not offer a renewal of resident contract for Brad Christoffersen. Additionally, Brad will not be banned from the premises.


Gracie Hopkins is to be reimbursed for $30 for the purchase of Narcan from the main account.


The [Fall 2022] Labor Holiday deadline is Sunday, December 11th, 2022.

Labor Holiday hours are to be completed within 4 weeks of the official labor holiday date as set by the Labor Czar. After which the hours will go straight to fines.

We add this [Google Doc containing a new Door Answering Policy] to the wiki.


Add to the brunch cook description that brunch is to be served between 12pm and 2pm.


Suspend house COVID member agreements while Travis County is in low risk. House members will still be expected to inform the house if they test positive for COVID and will isolate themselves in their rooms following CDC guidelines.


Labor Holiday is scheduled for Saturday, November 12th, 2022.

Sasona will host CHEA general membership meeting on Saturday, November 5th in the evening at Sasona. (Context: The annual general meeting was not publicized at Sasona and only 1 member attended. This was a motion to redo the event.)


Sasona held a member review for C.J.. It was mandatory, due to him exceeding 6 no-shows in 60 days. He had finished Labor Holiday labor (which was part of the no-shows) that afternoon. He agreed to pay fines of $30 for 3 of the lumps of labor. He agreed to work off the remaining 4 lumps by the end of August.


We extend those who did not do their labor holiday, that make up lumps extension moves to August 31, 2022, and anytime after that would be assessed at triple time fines. [Archivist's note: Minutes say that lollygaggers had not known it was triple-time fines and some were willing to do the work when informed of the penalty.]


The Bookkeeper share a list of people who have not paid rent on both the 4th and another updated list on the 11th of each month.

We add to maintenance and grounds coordinator descriptions that if a grounds or maintenance crew member accumulates more than 4 overdue lumps that they will receive a no-show for each week that their accumulated lumps are greater than 4. This will go into effect September 1, 2022.


The payment plan fee will be waived, if the payment plan process is completed before the 1st of the month. [Archivist's note: The Minutes have a discussion of trying to incentivize paying rent on time and, failing that, setting up a payment plan rather than paying rent late and creating scheduling/emotional burdens on the Bookkeeper.]


We extend the rotating dish schedule through the end of this month (through Sunday Jul 31, 2022).


High Priestess ATX is allowed to perform in our backyard on Wednesday, July 13th 2022, as long as they adhere to our specifications on volume and turn the volume down after sunset.

We remove the updating the Wiki bullet point of the Steward job description since this is now the responsibility of the Archivist.


We make a temporary parallel labor system where dishes are independent of the rest of the labor. After the temporary period, we will automatically go back to the regular schedule unless voted on by the house. This dish system is only for resident members for 18 days (the number of days for current residents.)

Let the High Priestess ATX group host and attend and event with 60-70 people in our backyard on Tuesday Jun 14, 2022

Extend the meeting by 15 minutes to 9:00 PM.

We move the Labor Holiday deadline to June 30.

Members will no longer be required to wear masks indoors or take a weekly test while were are in "medium" level accoring to Austin Public Health. (This applies to both residents and associate members.)


We [Sasona] buy the webcam from Bailey for the price of $99..


As a one time exception, Gracie can use the house’s Amazon account to make one school grant purchase using her own debit card.


We strike Rule 9 about travel from our COVID guidelines.


Members will no longer be required to wear masks indoors or take a weekly test whil we are in the low levels according to Austin Public Health. (Residents and associate members).

We add TVP ["textured vegitable protein"] to the Staples List. The Foodshopper will buy in bulk whenever possible.


We allow Pippin [Tyson's dog] to move in provided they have the proper paperwork, as an exception to the catpacity rule.

We allow Xena [Olivia's cat] to move in provided they have the proper paperwork, as an exception to the catpacity rule.


We sunset the Health Officer position, but we keep the position’s description in the Wiki just in case we need the position again.

?? Minutes say:"OFFICER VOTE–Zach" and "Zach: This is just to expedite the Meeting Chair vote." Zach was Labor Czar at the time and running house elections.


Matt Inman's friend Joey can sleep in the spare room instead of the couch Feb 22-24 assuming no one has moved in without paying the hostel fee.


New "Laundry System Etiquette". (See Minutes for full motion.)

Add descriptions for Health Officer and Mastadon Overblower to the wiki. (See Minutes for full motion.)


Retire the house compost (DB only takes compost to city compost) while interested members research how to run the house compost (what belongs in the house compost, what does not, how to care for the house compost) and will propose a clearer system. The house compost will be completely emptied as a labor holiday task so it is ready to restart with the clearer system.


Formally accept ‘ An open membership policy means that any person who is able to pay rent, agrees to do labor, signs a contract, and there is no compelling evidence for possible eviction, is allowed to be a member. ’ as a community agreement.


Waive Ray's contract break fee because we have more than 30 days notice

Add “All prospective, resident, and associate Sasona members may apply for a reasonable accommodation or modification on the basis of a physical or mental disability at any time during their membership application process or residency at Sasona. A member may request and receive reasonable accommodations from a house officer and/or through a formalized application process through our Operations Manager. If you are interested in learning more please reach out to our Steward or to our membership coordinator who will connect you to our Operations Manager. “ to the second meeting script and read it to every prospective member.


Vaccinations are required of all members of sasona. As an alternative, unvaccinated members can get tested weekly and share your results via email or slack. We will revisit on May 29 of 2022. Vaccine is defined as either 2 doses of pizer and moderna, or one dose of J and J.

Extend the visitor log policy until May 29, 2022


Accept Grayson's cat with records of shots and pet deposit

Extend labor holiday to Oct 31st for everyone who has not completed it yet.


Any full resident member too young to receive a vaccine based on FDA rules is exempted from the mask policy.

The Treasurer (Mike) will be allotted 4 lumps for work every week until the end of 2021.


Dinah can stay in Evron’s room for 3 weeks until Aug 21, 2021.

Sublease Annabeth’s room to Celeste from August 23 to Dec 1, 2021 and she can have her cat in the room and Annabeth will do Archivist and Treasurer labor in lieu of the contract break fine.

Sammy’s $100 contract break fee is waived if he finishes building the compost bins.


Reduce health officer position to one lump.

Ella will mark all the bikes and contact every member in the house within the week. Members that want their bike will need to remove the marking. Remaining bikes will be donated to the Yellow Bike Project.

Budget as is Budget proposal rent will not increase.


Adopt the first community agreement for the house: “Labor is our way of contributing to the community. Part of living in a cooperative community is that we all give back to and maintain the community by completing the labor that needs to be done. It’s not always fun, but it is an honor we have based on the privilege of living here. Labor will be shared equally and equitably based on the needs of the community and the abilities of the individuals at that time. We start from the assumption that everyone is trying their best to give back to the house with their labor.” We’d share this with prospective members and post it on the board as our first agreement.

Cancel the house business meeting on July 4, 2021.


The GMM for 2021 will be held at Sasona on June 27th from roughly Noon to 5pm.


The GMM for 2021 will be held at Sasona on June 27th from roughly Noon to 5pm.


Scott Gregory pay may rent on June 20th in the amount of $887 dollars and Ray fills out and signs a payment plan form.


Approve this set of changes in full to the Sasona House Member Agreement during COVID-19 Pandemic. (see: p.116)


Allow Annabeth to teach in-person music lessons with these conditions: Students will only enter and exit through Annabeth’s private door near the bikes. Students will only ever be in Annabeth’s room. Only one student at a time can be in the room (parents, siblings, etc. will need to stay in their car, run an errand, or take a walk.) Annabeth and the student will both wear masks the whole time. Students may not use any Sasona bathroom, but may use the porta potty at neighbor Karen’s house (as per Karen’s written permission.) Annabeth and the student will keep physical distance as much as possible. If a bathroom emergency happens, Annabeth will fully clean it and let the house know

Add to the meeting chair description that the meeting chair annually surveys (online or on paper) members including associate members on their schedule availability for business meetings. This is to take place during the month of January. Once the meeting chair has made a good faith effort to collect as many responses as possible, the meeting chair is to bring the results of the survey to the house by sharing it during their officer report at the next business meeting.

Remove Sunday Social Night from the Meeting Procedures page in the Wiki. Add "Heart Meetings" and "Heart meetings are social meetings to happen in place of business meetings once per month. Heart meetings could be a game night, a movie night, sharing circle, or any activity with the hope of bringing the house into a better relationship with each other. The meeting chair is to send out an email to the business list asking if any member is interested in leading the heart meeting. If nobody is interested, the meeting chair is to lead the heart meeting. Heart meetings are intended to take place the last Sunday of the month but may be postponed at the discretion of the meeting chair due to pressing agenda items or urgent conflicts.

Charge Molly $10 instead of $25 for bounced March rent check (Bounce was a clerical error not a monetary error for the record)


On March 21st we start the community agreements meeting at 5pm instead of the regular business meeting.

On Sunday march 21st the cooks either have the option of cooking early or ordering/buying food from the house from the general house budget.


Update the cultural coordinator description to reflect the one referenced.

Allow Molly to sublease her room for June & July. * Motion passes: 9-0-1

Accept Ella’s cat to move into the brightside. * Motion passes: 10-0-0


Remove line 3 and 4 from the membership prioritization policy.

Ella Is approved to live in the house as a trial for full membership for 6 weeks with option to extend to a full 6 months lease for the next open room and will have and do all the regular membership stuff.

All members including associate members are expected to wear a proper mask (covering the nose and mouth snugly) inside the house except for personal bedrooms. When needing to remove a mask for eating ensure that you are 6’ apart from another person and try to spread out to other areas of the house or outside during mealtime whenever possible, and no guests are allowed in the house nor anywhere on the grounds while Austin is in stage 4 or stage 5, and lift ban on new associate members, including current (rachel?) (membership cap is still 28)

Offer a full associate membership to Jessica with the normal terms. Otherwise she may continue with her existing contract.


A draft for the description for health officer and mastodon overblower need to be written and brought to the house by the current officer by March 14th.


In the meeting chair's job description under perspective members add the phrase: introduce themselves, give their pronouns and ask questions.


Jessica Holmes's modified contract will negate lines 8 and 9. Monthly dues will be $1. Jessica Holmes will only be allowed inside Sasona to use the restroom while wearing an N95 mask. Labor will consist of only grounds labor. This motion will be referenced on the modified associate contract that Jessica Holmes signs.


All members including associate members are expected to wear a proper mask (covering the nose and mouth snugly) inside the house except for personal bedrooms until Jan 31st at minimum and continuing until the City of Austin moves down to stage 4. When needing to remove a mask for eating ensure that you are 6’ apart from another person and try to spread out to other areas of the house or outside during mealtime whenever possible.


Make the income disclosure form part of our initial sign-on for new members and that this remain confidential information only used for auditing. MemCo will emphasize to member that it's voluntary and not required to be a member. MemCo will explain that it is important to maintain our 501(c)(3) status of the house.

Move our bank accounts from Velocity to Chase.

Extend the lease of Finesse, Patrick, Layla's rent for 4 days for the amount, less Patrick and Layla's fees, that will be calculated by Memco, Treasurer, and Steward.

Allow Finesse to be an associate member.

Create the culture coordinator officer position for 2 lumps for a 6 month term with the following description: Add more specificity, goals/benchmarks to job description within first month. Utilize resources and coordinate with mediators to proactively address house conflicts. Organize two cultural meetings per year, including sending out availability, curating content, and surveying current state of members (Ex. Do you feel your needs are being met? Do you feel comfortable approaching people in conflict/using the current mediation policies of the house? Do we serve diverse communities? Do you feel that you are developing healthy connections in the co-op?). Search and connect us with outside resources when appropriate (Ex. NASCO, mental health first aid, racial equity workshops). Recognize different people’s experiences and acknowledge, be able to explain what those experiences might look like. Ensure that voices of people in commonly marginalized populations are heard and that needs are being met. Update policies that no longer reflect house values. Generally guide us in the direction of our house values and promote healthy house culture.


Move the labor holiday deadline to January 5, 2020.

Cancel ONLY kitchen labor (cook, DB, MC, dish) on Christmas Eve 2020, New Years Eve 2020, and New Years Day 2021. Kitchen Kaiser will create a volunteer system to cover that labor.


Create a payment plan for [Evron] $183.80 for the next 5 weeks starting next week. Application has been sent out to the house.

Change Dishes to the description listed in this document:

Change DB to the description listed in this document:

Change MC to the description listed in this document:

Every officer who is given lumps for their labor is required to give a report at every business meeting either in-person OR emailed to the business email list and the minutes taker will read it out loud during the meeting. Reports will have a 2-minute time limit, and saying nothing to report is totally acceptable.


Have our house go back to a no visitors policy except for significant others while we are in stage 4 according to the City of Austin. If/when the City of Austin moves back to a stage 3, we will go back to visitors allowed on the grounds only (not in the house, even for the bathroom) policy along with the visitors log.

If a resident member in a single room tests positive or is presumed positive for COVID-19 the person would isolate in their room completely and we would reserve one bathroom that has a shower for them to use solely. We would bring them food and water to their door on paper plates as well as a trash bag to dispose of food. They would be relieved of their labor requirements for the 2-week quarantine.


All members of Sasona and associate members start wearing masks on November 15, in the entire house, except your personal bedrooms, to prepare for holiday travels. Those traveling for the holidays would wear masks for 2 weeks after they return to the house. General mask wearing requirement for all members and associate members would finish on Jan 1, 2020.

Not have a cooked meal the Friday after Thanksgiving, Nov 27, 2020.

Add to "best practices" section of our community agreement that we would like to see at least one person get COVID tested each week.

Purchasing new items for the internet network in the house. Details: $400 5-pack of AC-Lite nodes $110 UniFi Switch 8 60W $40 for 25ct punchdown keystone jacks (more if shielded) $12 Ubiquiti Networks 48V PoE Adapter $21 for 30 wall plates $87 for 3 $29 managed PoE 4-port switches for rooms known to have multiple devices $175 spool of cat6a future-proofing --- $845. This money is to be allocated from maintenance immediately, but with the intention of using COVID grant money.


Reinstate the COVID rent relief program. If you have lost income from COVID 19:

Distribution of rent credit: *If you have lost less than 50% of your income, you are going to be charged $100 less than your normal rent rate for the month you applied for. *If you have lost over 50% of your income, you are going to be charged $200 less than your normal rent rate for the month you applied for.

Get rid of one of the trash cans and use the savings to add to grounds budget.


Approve reissuing check for Jason, but cancel the old check and charge him the stop check fee.

Add the question “what’s is your full legal name and birthdate” to the first meeting questions. And to add it to memco’s role to get the prospective’s written approval and pass the information to our operations manager so OM can do a criminal records check, note this is not a background check, before the prospective’s second meeting. The OM will let memco know about any rape, pedophilia, or child abuse conviction. If these show up, the prospective will be offered the opportunity to discuss it with memco as it does not automatically disqualify them from membership. Memco can work with mediators to decide if the house should be made aware. If the prospective chooses to decline the discussion and not proceed, the information will not be shared with the house.

Buy a Vitamix for $399 at Costco using money from the food shopper budget.


Treat Health Officer like the other officerships and vote on who holds it every 3 months.

Gracie’s edits of Chunk 2.

Living room and bathroom labor need to get signed off on the white board.

Round the rent amounts down to the nearest whole dollar.


Update the Bathroom Labor Descriptions according to the document called Bathroom Labor (Chunk 1).


Implement quiet “library hours” in the brightside and darkside living rooms Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. Regular volume in common areas resumes at 5pm each day.


Lower the lumps Scott owes to 6, and give him 6 weeks to do it. He should also finish the mural in that time.

*Motion passes 11-0-0

Working budget


Motion to add to the Dinner Buddy job description the responsibility for taking the city compost bucket out each day and emptying it into the city compost bin.


Motion that every new member, associate member or guest coming into our home should fill out our questionnaire or answer the questions in some manner before signing a contract, start membership, or enter our home. This motion is only during the pandemic or when the house votes it out.

Motion that new residents are offered options: full quarantine, no contact for 2 weeks, or wear a mask and avoid public spaces for two weeks after you move in.


Motion to Officialize Treasurer and Bookkeeper: Anne Novitzki is the Sasona Treasurer, as of April 2020. Bailey Martel is the Sasona Bookkeeper, as of June 2020.


Motion to Extend Health Officer position another four months, to October 1.

Motion that we start using Slack as our house business communications except for officer reports starting June 7.


Motion that if Kim’s COVID test comes back negative, she is allowed to return as an associate member.

Motion that no backpay needs to be paid for Layla’s membership; a contract for Layla must be determined and signed in time to pay her June membership.

Motion that anybody wanting to leave the house because of the added stress of COVID, those contract breaks should be granted as long as there’s two weeks notice.

Motion that Hannah and Clayton’s contracts end at the end of May due to the COVID threat.

Motion that Clayton and Hanna are allowed to store the Volt in the dirt parking spot and their bikes in the corral until July or August when they return to town.


Motion that Knox (dog) be allowed to move into the house when Zach moves in.


As a temporary COVID covenant, motion that those going out into public buildings wear masks (hiking and running excluded), and that for the month of May, we all keep 6 feet of distance with anyone who doesn’t live in the house.

Motion that the deadline for Saturday brunch be set to 1pm

Motion that the house approves the tree mural idea on the kitchen drawers, with color adjustments for the paint colors approved by 4 housemates.


Motion that, until the ban on house guests is lifted, new prospective members shall be added to the wait list solely on virtual meetings and no associate contracts shall be granted to new members.

4/23/20 Emergency Meeting

Motion to overturn next Sunday deadline for Will's payment plan proposal to give the house time to fully discuss membership review


Motion that we extend Finesse’s labor holiday deadline for two weeks.

Motion that a payment plan for Will that covers the full amount must be passed by Sunday April 26 or eviction proceedings will begin.


Motion that we amend the previous motion to exclude all non-Sasonies from the house and grounds for the duration of the covid threat, excluding significant others.

Motion that we empower Clayton to sign a limited associate member contract with Kim for less than two months, with the understanding that she is one member with one vote.

Motion that we update the Labor Fine Policy so that the last day of any month is a fine deadline after which all no-shows from the previous calendar month will be zeroed into fines.

Motion that we keep the bees here. Cyn is the beekeeper and would like to come twice a week to care for them in accordance with our quarantine policy. A written agreement of liability with the beekeeper (Cyn) must be gotten within 24 hours and the bees can stay, if not gotten within 24 hours bees need to leave. They will have stinky water as soon as possible.


Motion that we approve the mail sorter job description

Motion that C.J. gets labor holiday extended for a month and he’ll take over cleaning doorknobs and handles daily.


Motion that we have the food shopper create a list of things that are hard to find and empower people to buy them and get reimbursed up to $50.

Motion that Scott be allowed to form a contract to live in Kim’s room until August 1st.

Motion that for the months April and May, we suspend all late fees, and pause any eviction proceedings for non-payment of rent for any house members who request this and show significant loss of income related to COVID-19. “Significant loss of income” to be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Bookkeeper or Treasurer AND any one other officer (two officers total). All other aspects of policy remain in effect. Members have to pre-qualify at least 3 days before rent is due. Email the officer accounts with documentation of loss of income to submit this request.


Motion that current associate members can suspend their membership by email because of the COVID-19 threat. These suspended accounts can maintain their place on the move-in list.

Motion that no guests be allowed in the house or grounds (amended 4/12/20) because of Covid-19. Significant others are allowed inside. Re-evaluate at the end of April.


Motion that we approve Health Officer job description.

Motion that all meetings through April 12th be virtual.

Motion that we approve the public health preparedness plan sent out by Hannah and put it into effect thru June 20, 2020.


Motion that bookkeeper send out an email every month by the 7th detailing all balances owed by each member, including payment plan information.

Motion that we suspend the online payment system and move back to checks and money orders until a better online payment system is decided upon.

Motion that we invalidate last week's vote on debt forgiveness to Will


Motion that we give Kathryn the authority to make the decision about the best replacement for the air conditioning on the bright side. The reason is to expedite the timeline of replacement.

Motion that the house forgives Will $64, and 400$ will be temporarily forgiven, but taken from his deposit when he moves out, while the remaining 700$ will be put on a payment plan. Current total is 1164$

Motion that email be declared the preferred channel to communicate with house officers about officer business. If approaching an officer in person, please ask for consent to discuss officer related matters.

Motion that we create a short term officer position called Health Officer which would only be a position for the next 4 months. The first responsibility will be to create their labor description.


Motion that associate money be split $70 for food, and $10 go towards the house

Motion that labor holiday be the 14th of March

Motion that CHEA will purchase a locked mail box and Sasona’s mail sorter will put the CHEA mail in the box. One of our CHEA reps will have the key and make sure the CHEA mail gets to the board.


Motion that we will vote on the budget by ballot box on Wednesday after the budget meeting, and people out of town (like Finesse) can send their vote through a housemate. Voting will end Sunday the 16th at 7pm.


Motion that a CHEA rep will take the CHEA mail to the board meetings, every meeting. They will coordinate this between them. Sasona’s mail sorter will diligently make sure the CHEA mail is properly sorted.


Motion that we suspend all house labor from Monday December 23 through Wednesday January 1st, to resume January 2, except shopping duties.


Motion that we retroactively count two recent hours of labor towards labor holiday for Indya. 9 approved, 0, 0

Motion that Bailey will buy the best Tupperware for our needs at no more than $150 at her discretion. This includes the food processor cup.


Motion that Annabeth act as Minutes Taker for the next month.


Motion that we budget $800 for internet mesh plan. UNIFI is the supplier.

Motion that we reimburse Clayton $156 for party alcohol.

Motion that we reimburse Rachel $47 for party food.


Motion that we allocate no more than $40 to get a new fire hat and fire barrel.


Motion that we extend the labor holiday due date to November 24th for everybody.


Motion that we purchase the True freezer for less than $2,500 and donate our current freezer.


Motion that we install the rock wall up on the wall next weekend on the brightside hallway (southside).


Motion that we make Labor Holiday be Saturday, September 28.

We give Save The Food approval to come use our kitchen and have this events with 15-20 people on Wednesday night with the back up plan for Sunday.

Proposed date: Wednesday Sept. 18 from 7-9pm Back up date: Weekend Sunday September 22 brunch Last resort: Saturday September 21 4-5pm


Motion for Ivan and Indya’s birthday party July 20th, 7pm-3am.

Motion to give Kat associate membership with 2 lumps a week and $150 room charge per month.

Addition to to CTAP project proposal #1

In order to prevent all of CHEA's board level operational capacity being directed towards the CTAP project, the adoption of the following staff policy is proposed:

"The CHEA Operations Manager shall be directed by the Board to work only on the regular duties and operations of the business established prior to the formation of the Certified Technical Assistance Provider (CTAP).

This policy shall not prevent the Operations Manager from working tangentially on goals of the CTAP insofar as that work does not fall outside the scope of regular business conducted prior to the CTAP's formation. For example, CHEA already hires staff, therefore it is permissible for the Board to direct the Operations Manager to assist in the hiring of staff for the CTAP.”


Motion - “The Community Housing Expansion of Austin (CHEA) should pursue a partnership with ROC-USA to become a Certified Technical Assistance Provider (CTAP) and to assist manufactured home communities with becoming democratic, member-owned communities. To become a CTAP, CHEA should allocate no more than $7,500 from the CHEA general funds as start-up funds for the CTAP line of business.”

A change to our by-laws, as follows -

Article IV “Board of Directors” Section 2 “Number” currently reads: “The Board shall consist of at least 2 Directors chosen from each CHEA house. In the case of there being only one (1) CHEA house, a third member will be elected from that house. At no time shall the Board consist of fewer than 3 Directors. If at any time these Bylaws are amended to reduce the number of Directors on the Board, such amendment shall not have the effect of shortening the term of any incumbent Director.”

Suggested change: “The Board shall consist of: a) Four (4) Member Directors, or two Member Directors per CHEA house, whichever is greater - two Directors elected by the membership and from the membership of each CHEA house; or in the event there is only one CHEA house in existence, four Member Directors will be elected from that house b) Three (3) Non-Member Directors - three Directors elected by the general membership who support the cooperative and affordable housing mission of the Corporation. At no time shall the Board consist of fewer than 3 Directors. If at any time these Bylaws are amended to reduce the number of Directors on the Board, such amendment shall not have the effect of shortening the term of any incumbent Director.”

Article IV Section 3 “Qualifications and Elections” currently reads: “Directors shall be elected at the conclusion of the preceding Directors term. Voting members in good standing may nominate persons, provided that all such nominees shall be members in good standing.” Suggested change: “Directors shall be elected at the conclusion of the preceding Directors term. Voting members in good standing may nominate persons, provided that all such nominees for Member Directors shall be members in good standing and all such nominees for

Non-Member Directors support the cooperative and affordable housing mission of the Corporation.”

Article IV Section 9 “Quorum” currently reads: “At all meetings of the Board, the presence of a majority of the number of Directors in the office shall be necessary and sufficient to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.” Suggested change: “At all meetings of the Board, the presence of a majority of the number of Directors shall be necessary and sufficient to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. A minimum of two Member Directors are required to constitute quorum. If a majority of Member Directors at a meeting vote against a proposal, the proposal shall not pass. “

Article V Section 1 “Elected Officers” currently reads: “The elected officers of the Corporation shall be a Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Human Resources Officer.” Suggested change: “The elected officers of the Corporation shall be a Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Human Resources Officer. and a Community Representative.”

Article V Section 9 “Community Representative” currently reads: “The general membership of CHEA shall elect a non-member of CHEA to serve as a voting Director with the same assumed rights and responsibilities as the other Directors enumerated in these bylaws.”


Motion that Matt brings chickens to Sasona, keep them in a chicken coop and will be responsible for taking care of the chickens.


Motion to uphold Sarah’s no-shows at double-time. (NS dates: 4/19, 4/26, and 5/3.)

Motion to reimburse Kim $80 for pizza and emergency labor.


Motion that we enact the Dinner Buddy proposal starting with May's schedule. We can edit this position as needed at future meetings, including termination of program if necessary. Dinner Buddy will be under the supervision of Kitchen Kaizer and will utilize the whiteboard for accountability.

Motion that Clayton's wiki changes as archivist be made.


Motion to offer $100 rent credit to the two bedroom closest to bathroom construction. Credit must be used by May.


Motion to extend Labor holiday deadline to April 10.

Motion to credit 4 hours of labor when individual cooks alone.


Motion that Jason be allowed to keep his electric kiln at Sasona, provided that he helps cover the electric costs if they spike.

Motion that Kitchen Kaizer position be reduced to 1 lump, effective during next labor election.


Motion that we add language to the wiki to limit phone meetings to (1) per prospective member.


Ask Niko to attend another meeting, to ensure that he is willing to agree to the contract.


Motion that we tear down the entire NE fence during labor holiday.

Motion that we authorize a post-labor holiday junk run by Spencer to haul off inside and outside garbage, not to exceed $250.


Motion that we spend up to $200 on sets of personal size Rubbermaid Tupperware (the type with the red lids.)

Bathroom fix. Motion that we approve Kevin's proposal after he comes back from vacation with the total not to exceed $10,000.


Motion that we save march 30th for sam’s farewell party.

Motions that starting the next day, we try Matt’s rack system for one week.


Motion that Kim be reimbursed $45 for her Thanksgiving karaoke expenses and Clayton be reimbursed $100 total for food, beverage and karaoke costs from the party.


Motion to bring changes to the buddy labor description, as sent out by Sam in email.


Motion to cancel the meeting on the 23rd. Hannah seconded.


Motion that all labor duties are suspended from the 24th of December 2018 through the 1st of January 2019 to resume on the 2nd of January 2019. Members are responsible for their own messes.


Sasona adopts the following CHEA policy: A CHEA Employee disciplinary policy is a public review of a paid employee's performance at a house meeting (voted on October 24, 2016 by CHEA- see exhibit A, XVI under Dicipline). An Employee Review can result in a vote to give the CHEA employee a verbal warning (50% majority required), a written warning (50% required), or a recommendation of termination (75% majority required). -As a matter of courtesy, members are encouraged to talk to Sasona board rep, then talk to the employee in question or talk to the CHEA board reps before calling for a review.


Motion to spend the ~$50 from the food jar towards the party (Drinks and foods that all can share/enjoy)


Motion to have a house (Birthday) party on the 15th of December an house-wide clean up (non-mandatory) on the 16th.

Motion that Clayton's no-show for Kim as Labor BeeZar for taking the infinity frog bathroom off the schedule be dropped.

Motion to change bookkeeper position from 3 lump to 2 lump starting on December 1st 2018.

Motion to reimburse Kim $40 from vacancy reserves for scabies treatment.


Motion for Maintenance Coordinator to purchase a new LG dryer DLGX7601WE with a budget for deliver and disposal of old dyer not-to-exceed $1,300


Motion for a contract break for Natalie Morgan effective September 30, 2018 and that she will help Matt fill the room. (Contract break fee applies)


Clayton proposes that children aged 0-12 are charged $100 extra per month.

Sam seconds.


Kay motions that we postpone Will's rent increase for the kids for two weeks so that a sub committee can meet. After two weeks the house will tell Will the charge for his kids and Will will pay at that time. Will seconds the motion.

Motion Passes: 8-0-3


Heart Meeting: Improv Games (No Agenda Items)




Motion that next meeting be an Ice Cream/Birthday Social.


Indya moves that the house approve original budget draft with 0% increase or decrease. PassedBudget2018

Sam motions to allow Jay and Amanda’s labor holiday labor to be grandfathered in by current rule (passed last week).


Motion for make-up labor for labor holidays to be assessed at single-time, but fines for uncompleted labor holiday labor be charged at triple-time.

Motion that one may sell up to 2 lumps of labor holiday labor.

Motion that any labor holiday lumps must be sold at at-least $20 per lump.


HEART MEETING (but with one agenda item)

Kay moves to extend Braxton’s current contract through the 26th of June.


Kim moves to approve her sublet and sublease contract, with Lauralea, to rent her room from 6/17 to 8/11 and to watch her dog. Lauralea will participate as a member of the house, sharing meals and doing 5 lumps/week. Kim will take full responsibility for this sublet as per contract and will communicate with memco.

Motion that the first No-Show for Meeting Attendance will be followed by a conversation with the member by the Steward to discuss issues around meeting attendance.


Jay moves to be allowed to have a 2 month contract for Jay and Amanda June 1st - July 31st.

Motion that we permanently cancel kitchen labor for July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Motion to schedule next Heart meeting (for Happy Hour/Karaoke/Braxton Open House)


Motion to extend the contract (again) previously signed between Sasona and Braxton for one month with the following amendments: 1. Braxton will do 5 (rather than 2) self directed lumps of labor per week 2. Braxton be allowed to sleep in common areas and in his tiny home on the grounds 3. Braxton will pay the “extra member” fee of $300 for the month ending June 21st. 4. Tiny home not to be parked in the art shed.


Motion that everyone in the house seek professional treatment for scabies and have personal medicated cream supply by Sunday the 20th of May.

Motion that the house reimburse individuals for the costs incurred due to scabies treatment, $150 per person max.


Motion to have heart meeting on 5/13 (next week)

Motion that one missed meeting = one nag. One can speak directly with the meeting chair if they have an issue. No-shows accrued this way (3 Nags in 30 days) would be assessed at single time.


Heart Meeting- Talent Sharing Edition (No Motions)


Motion to add the following to section 5 of our House Rules: a) Resident and associate members have 4 guest meals available per month. b) A member who invites a nonmember to eat a house meal without contributing money for the meal is using a guest meal. c) The exception is Sunday dinner, when all guests are invited to eat free of charge

Motion that guest are responsible for a $3 per meal fee to be deposited directly in the lock box with a note when not hosted by a current member. Members are responsible for notifying their guests of their $3 responsibility. (donation jar to be removed) - To be added as an offical house rule in Section 5 in line with above motion

Motion to extend the contract previously signed between Sasona and Braxton for one month with the following amendments: 1. Braxton will do 5 (rather than 2) self directed lumps of labor per week 2. Braxton be allowed to sleep in common areas and in his tiny home on the grounds 3. The ‘must have an address’ rule be waived 4. Braxton will pay the “extra member” fee of $150 for the month ending May 9th.


Motion to allow Ronnie Dog to live at Sasona and make according exceptions to relevant animal policies.

Motion to waive Kim's $25 late fee.


Motion to allow Kathryn to install dance pole in the Gazelle Room for a month long trial period

Motion to have a party that starts at 8pm with music to be off by 2am for Aaron's going away on Friday the 11th.


Motion that the house approve funds not to exceed $35 toward flipchart, photocopies, and refreshments for the above event.

Motion that Richard be released from his contract with the contract break fee waived effective March 31st.


Motion that Clayton’s friend of a friend Jessie can stay here as Clayton’s guest for a week during SXSW (3/9 - 3/16). Indya will act as liaison while Jessie is here to answer questions, and Clayton will take responsibility for Jessie’s behavior. Jessie to send out in writing brief bio and why they want to stay. Jessie allowed to stay up to 7 days in the house. Jessie will not be charged for anything except for meals.


Motion that Ronnie be given temporary membership status for the month of February (normal pet rules apply, pet cap is waived for this time).


Motion to adopt the terms of Braxton’s agreement and that Matt sign on behalf of Sasona as House Steward. Braxton to be assigned 1 lump of Grounds and 1 lump of Maintenance labor as his Associate Member Labor per week. Blank in contract to state “Art Shed”.


Motion to put this (cat exception) on the agenda tonight rather than waiting for it to make it officially onto the agenda.

Motion that Amanda be allowed to have a cat in her non-pet side room (will count toward overall catpacity).


Motion to add the following to the job description of house bookkeeper/Treasurer: "Make use of CHEA staff to ask/answer questions about Quickbooks and bookkeeping/financial procedures and consult with paid bookkeeper if necessary".

Motion that we allow 7-8 Nasco board reps to stay here at the house for 3-4 days this summer with appropriate boundaries set in the weeks prior.

Motion that we allocate $100 of extra members' fees rather than the current $80 (of the total $150) directly to food.

Motion that the house reimburse members for up to $30 per person for outside laundry services necessitated by our lack of laundry equipment. Members must apply to treasurer via email for reimbursement by January 20th.

Motion to increase labor lumps for Bookkeeper to 3 per week (from 2).


Motion to increase the food budget by $120 per month (from general funds).

Motion that Clayton Craigslist current white "beverage Fridge" for free and arranges for transport of new freezer.

Motion that Clara be granted a contract break effective December 19th with rent prorated for the time she will be in the house.


Motion to approve an amount not to exceed $1500 for a new fire alarm panel

Motion to allow Aaron (Levenson) to have a 4 month contract.


Motion to remove all mentions of Membership Fees from prospective Member move in procedures.

Motion that cooking, dishes, and mop-counter for Thursday the 23rd (Thanksgiving) be canceled.

Motion to have a coop party the 15th (of December) with present opening (Christmas style) on Saturday the morning of the 16th.


Motion to adopt new timeline for membership review notice (7 days rather than 48 hrs)


On November 4th, all cars and trailers must be removed from the cul-de-sac by 1pm.


I motion that, for a trial period of two months, we replace one meeting a month, starting Sunday, November 5th, with a Heart to Heart which might include games, fun stuff and hanging out. This would count as a regular meeting and would include Office Reports.

In order to support the City of Austin composting initiative, we will add a square bucket with clear instructions as to what goes into the bucket and where the bucket is to be emptied. This will be added to one lump dishes.

In order to even out our current labor system, I move to assign taking out the compost to the one lump dishes.


Motion that we add “watering the hallway plants” to bright side hallway buddy job description.


Motion to approve $8,500 from the maintenance fund to purchase minisplits for the brightside/green bathroom AC replacement.

Motion to extend deadline for payment of rent to the 11th of October for this month only for Richard. Because dadline is extended, there are no late fees if this timeline is adhered to.


Motion to apply the "Vacation Policy" to Sam's 9 day trip (14th-23rd) (outside of official vacation policy)

Motion to have an early-meeting "check in phase" for a month long trial period to replace end of meeting round robin

Motion to change House Rule 7.10.2 to "A payment plan extending beyond the due date of the next month's rent disqualifies the payment planee from participating in another payment plan until 4 months after the payment plan is paid off."

Motion to add House Rule 7.10.2.a "A payment plan that is paid off according to a payment plan contract that does not extend past the next month's rent due date does not disqualify a member from starting another payment plan in subsequent months"

Motion that NASCO guest mentioned in recent email (Caroline Elbert) may stay on light side couch for the duration of her stay


Motion that we have a party the 7th of October

Motion to rename "Fairy Frog Bathroom" to "Infinity Bathroom"

Motion to allow Oliver to come to the wedding reception with or without dinner beforehand


Motion to allow Oliver to attend a Sunday night meal/meeting with advance notice to the house and an explicit rule of not initiating physical contact with anyone.


Motion that a common gmail list be created by mastodon overblower for all pet owners:


Motion to make Ace count as two cats


Amanda motions that we allow Ace to live at Sasona immediately


Motion for Natalie to use vacation policy in this instance: She will be gone for 12 days (medical related) not 14 days but would like to implement vacation days even though its not the full 14 days. She would like to prorate it for those 2 days.


Motion to accept changes to Labor Job Descriptions per Aaron's email to the house on July 12, 2017.

Motion to move the first bullet point from Mop Counter’s job description (regarding putting away food from dinner) to the Cook job descriptions.

Motion to add “empty contents of Laundry Orphan bucket to Goodwill pile monthly, preferably after sending an email reminder to the House” to Laundry Buddy job description.


Motion to buy refrigerator that Clayton picked out at AAA Food Equipment.

Motion to allow Amanda to invoke the vacation policy prorated for the number of days she is not at the house in July.

Motion to install yellow turtles and officially allow walkers in cul-de-sac.

Motion that on the 4th of July we turn off loud music, and suspend loud celebrations at 11pm.


Motion to approve Version 6 of the budget for FY18, with a $25 per room rent increase to go into effect August 1, 2017.

Version 6 is as follows:

FYE 2018 Budget






Utilities (past year's total plus estimate for June, rounded up + 4%)



Technology (internet)



Grease Trap






Extra Tech






Licenses, Fees, Permits, Dues, Subscriptions















Surplus of 5% (Required by NASCO)



Total Including Surplus of 5%



Current Rent ('16-'17)



New Total Rent (Not including extra members or associates)






Divided by 17 Rooms for Total Rent Increase Per Room




Motion that Labor Czar job description changes to state that they will ensure that the Archivist keeps job descriptions up-to-date.


Change Bookkeeper job description to be consistent using the email sent out by Clara and remove mention of from description.


Motion to add “Work with Treasurer to” to the beginning of the 8th bullet point of the Food Shopper job description (“inform the House…”) and reflect the same change in the Treasurer’s job description.

Motion to affirm the current policy that the Membership Coordinator and Mastodon Overblower remove non-members from the current email lists.

Motion to include “donate items to Goodwill monthly, with one-week notice given to the House” to Fairy Frog bathroom buddy job description.


Motion that rent for May 28 - May 31 be prorated and returned to Patrick, and any property left at Sasona will be dealt with by deducting money from his deposit.


Motion to drop Sam’s no-show of Bailey from 5/10/17.

Motion to reimburse David for pro-rated rent from the date of his move-out room inspection until his contract ends May 31, 2017. Any reimbursement for pro-rated rent and security deposit will be provided by money order or postal money order with a signed receipt, whichever David prefers. Two officers will be present for the room inspection.

Motion to allow Ali to store her insured car here for $50/month for up to three months. The car will be considered abandoned after 8/21/17. A written contract will be produced by Patrick and signed by Ali and the Steward.


Motion to put the maroon futon mattress in the Labor Holiday trash pile.

Motion to dispose of the rest of the items in the TV room that Matty and Clayton emailed the House about disposing.

Motion to grant Patrick a contract break on May 27th, 2017, or earlier if the room can be filled and the Membership Coordinator and Patrick are in agreement about the earlier date. This contract break includes a waived contract break fee.


Motion that if a member gets 6 no-shows in 60 days that a Membership Review of Inquiry will be scheduled at the next House Meeting, to affect Rule 4.6.1.

Motion to have Labor Holiday on Saturday, May 13th. Clara motions, Sam seconds.


Motion to remove the “Sunset Clause” from Rule 7.13.

Motion to uphold Jay’s no-show for April 23rd’s Sunday AM dishes as a “one-lump, done late” penalty, contingent on an amicable resolution between Jay and Matty.


Change the title of labor czar to Labor (Bee)Czar.

Patrick moves to accept the written policy that was submitted with grammatical and spelling changes as necessary.

Strike rule 7.6 membership fee in it's entirety from the house rules and mentions of membership fees from our wiki.


-Motion to allocate up to $150 to buy a bench to place in the smoking area. Grounds Coordinator will be in charge of acquiring the bench, and the purchase will come from the Grounds budget.


-Motion to host an open party in honor of Genieva’s departure from Austin on Saturday, May 13th, with music to be turned down at 2am


-Motion to add "clean shower curtains monthly" to bathroom buddy labor positions.

-Motion to accept Zach's resignation (via Patrick) based on prior statements and actions and charge no fees greater than his deposit.

-Motion to allow a payment plan extension from February to March as long as payment plan is under $500.

-Motion that Amanda and Jay may sign 3 month contract and not have to pay contract break fee if break occurs within this 3 month contract.


-Motion to deny Phil Wilson future Sasona Membership.

-Motion to ban Phil Wilson from Sasona Property. Memco to inform Phil via email. Ban to be noted on Wiki Ban list. Exception made for Sunday meeting attendance with advance notice to discuss/appeal ban with house.

-Motion to add Operation Manager Natalie San Luis to Business list.

-Motion to keep coffee maker on tile counter.

-Motion to have Mop Counter maintain exclusive use of "Simple Purple" in cleaning of kitchen floor.


-Motion to move the coffeemaker to the tile counter for a one-week trial period.

-Motion that outside of payment plans, we allow members a one-month grace period to get caught up on all money owed to the House by guaranteeing the amount owed from individual’s deposits. If the person in debt makes good on their obligations, no money changes hands. If the person in debt does not make good on their obligations, the money comes from pledged individuals’ deposits-- those individuals then have 3-months to replenish their deposits.

-Motion to utilize the above “debt guarantee motion” for Trip’s current situation.


-Motion to change current smoking ban to only specifically ban “smoking tobacco products”.

-Motion to host a fancy dress wine and cheese themed birthday party for Sasoonies with January-April birthdays on Saturday, Feb 25th.

-Motion to reduce Natalie’s no-show from January 21 from a triple-time penalty to a single-time penalty.


-Cease placement of cutting boards as splash guards over the silverware dish tub.



-Motion that Mop Counters are required to use the sponge mop, bucket, and the disinfectant version of Simple Green for a trial period of one-month.




-Motion to re-assign all kitchen labor as “putting back the kitchen” labor until such a point as the kitchen is usable to cook house meals and the TV room and art shed are cleared of kitchen equipment. This starts 1/2/2017. This does not include waiting to put the dish sink and dishwasher back.


-Motion to cancel kitchen labor for December 31st and January 1st (New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day).


-Motion to allow Everon an extension of credit of $400 to be paid off by December 16th, 2016.

-Motion that “motions to extend conversation” pass with a simple majority vote by those present.


-Motion to cancel kitchen labor on Christmas Eve and Christmas, and cancel the meeting on Christmas Sunday.

-Motion to move pantry items and limited cooking supplies to the TV room, and have individual mess kits during the kitchen demo project. We give the food committee final determination for decisions concerning the project.


-Motion that the pool table is removed by December 11th, and that any proceeds from the sale will compensate Trip for the original purchase and installation.

Motion to keep Trip on his current payment plan.


-Motion to cancel Thanksgiving Day labor.

-Motion to move forward with Clayton’s Kitchen Floor plan, with the details to be figured out by Officers (Labor Czar, Kitchen Kaiser, Food Shopper, Maintenance and Grounds), as well as any other interested parties. This motion applies if NASCO approves of the plan, and will otherwise be re-evaluated.

-Motion to allow Patrick to sign a contract until February 28th and that Patrick be allowed to end the contract with a 30 days notice.


-Motion to move mop bucket back into kitchen under counter.


-Motion that Trip gets rid of the pool table and sells it on Craigslist (for party jar money), if possible.

-Motion to approve the following amendments: Proposed: Contracts are to be for a minimum of 6 months .1.2 Renewals may be made for less than 6 months at the approval of the house .1.3 Renewals for longer than 6 months may be made at the Membership Coordinator or Steward's discretion.

Proposed Amendment: 3.6.4. Renewals: Contracts should be renewed no less than one month before the end of the current contract. A member's option to renew a contract is forfeited 3 weeks (21 days) before the end of their current contract unless special arrangements are approved by the house.

Motion to enact a vacation policy where a member can get a $150 rent credit per month, with a 2 week minimum and a 2 month maximum, with pro-rated credits. This policy expires in 6 months (May 7, 2016) unless otherwise renewed. This is for resident members only. A member seeking vacation reimbursement must get written approval from the Bookkeeper and/or Treasurer. The invoice for the month’s rent following the vacation will be adjusted to reflect their applicable rent credit.


-Motion for Sam and Kay to contact Spencer Costly to remove the TV and basketball hoop and coordinate the funding with Ali.


-Motion to ban smoking within 25ft of House windows and doors, to be in line with federal law. (added to HouseRules as #22.4.)


-Motion that all behavioral no-shows are written on the agenda, rather than the labor accountability sheet.


-Motion to allow David a month-to-month contract for a maximum of two months, beginning October 1st, 2016 to November 30th, 2016. If David has not signed a longer term contract by November 1st, 2016 the Membership Coordinator shall deliver a letter to vacate. This contract shall require that David provides 30-day notice to terminate the contract.


-Motion to commit $20/month of House money to Monkeywrench books in exchange for the terms outlined in their proposal, and authorize Patrick to sign the contract on behalf of the House.

-Motion to approve the steel table and place the entire blue pedestal (including the tile) on Craigslist for free by Sunday.

-Motion to allocate $200 for the purchase of a high-end food processor. Ruth will purchase tonight and Ali will reimburse from the Kitchen/Surplus budget.


-Motion: Ruth will cut off offending cactus pads.

-Motion to do the following things within two weeks: Remove blue dirty couch from living room and replace it with brown leather couch from pool/tv room. Retain tan chair and tan beanbag chair as it goes with tan couch and rearrange furniture.

-Motion that we have a birthday party for the October ladies October 22nd.


-Motion to reimburse the CHEA representatives at the maximum federal mileage reimbursement rate for trips related to CHEA business.

-Motion to permit Trip to establish a payment plan for this month’s rent.


-Motion to remove the rolling chopping cart and the tile-top podium from the kitchen and replace it with the commercial countertop outside. Clara will find places for the removed furniture, at no cost to the House. There will be a trial period of two weeks from today.


-Motion to trim back the cactus in the courtyard without removing the plant.


-Motion to approve $30 from house funds to reimburse David for a 4ft level, a framing square, and the cost of mileage. Sam motions, David seconds.


-Motion that Patrick gets reimbursed $29.98 from the IT budget for his purchase of printer toner. Patrick motions, Phil seconds.

-Motion: remove the sentences “If they are tied on the waiting list (they attended the same second meeting), then the room will go to the person who will make the sex ratio closer to 1:1 (according to HouseRules section 2.4.2). (If two people attended the same second meeting, they are tied -- regardless of when they attended their first meeting.) If the house’s sex ratio is already 1:1, or if they are both the same sex, ask them the following questions:” in our policy for selecting new residents. Ruth motions, Sam seconds.


-Motion: Membership Coordinator explicitly states, in email correspondence, the closing date for all vacancies. This response time is not to be under 24-hours. Motioned by Jackie, seconded by Sam, friendly amended by Patrick.


-Motion: Move that the CHEA Board Representative labor is reduced from 2 lumps to 1 lump. Motioned by Clayton, seconded by Clara.

-Motion: Move that Phil's contract be broken on July 31st or sooner if a replacement is found, and for the contract fee to be waived if his room is filled before July 31st. Motioned by Phil, seconded by Patrick.


Motion to add “Clean the inner rim of the washing machine” to the Laundry Buddy job description. Motioned by Jackie, seconded by Phil.


-Motion: Move that we accept Budget Option #3 with a $10 rent increase resulting in a higher maintenance budget and a lower food budget, effective July 1, 2016 with the rent increase taking effect August 1st. Motioned by Jackie, seconded by Patrick.

-Motion to raise the total membership cap to 28. Trip motions, Phil seconds.

-Motion to change the wording of the current guest policy to say you must send an email the “night of” rather than “night before” for overnight guests staying in common spaces. Clayton motions, Indya seconds.


-Motion that Ali is taken off the labor schedule from June 25th to August 7th. Ali motions, Geniva seconds.


-Motion by Natalie: to terminate Christian’s contract based on abandonment of premises and have memco send a certified letter to the effect that will provide the necessary 3 days’ notice. Evron seconds.

-Natalie moves to break Emily’s Associate Membership contract effective June

-Natalie moves to require that the Steward be a resident member (i.e. not an associate member). Sam seconds.

-Motion: to set the length of all initial contracts at 6 months for all new members. Sam seconds.


-I move that archivist be allowed to move or remove the following sections from the wiki: under House Topics:-Member Contact-Laundry-Larger Community-Openness-Safety under Membership Topics:-Room Keys under Maintenance and Grounds-Property Information -Maitenance Inventory List The entire Tips and Tricks and Links for Members section

-I move that we remove watering the indoor plants from grounds.

-I move that Violet be allowed a contract break June 2nd with contract break fee waived.

-I move that we approve CHEA Splitting the IRS fee 60/40 between La Re and Sasona.

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