Hosteling Policies

House Rules

3.4.4 Hostel: A contract for no longer than 14 days that allows a person to stay in the house. This is intended for transients as they move from place to place. Because CHEA does not have a hotel\motel license, the house cannot allow hostelers to stay for more than 14 days, and payment for the stay shall be received in advance with some type of ID held by the house till checkout.

House Votes

The hosteling fee for all rooms is $20/night. If more than one person want to share a room, it is an extra $10 per person per night. (For example, if two people share a room we charge them a total of $30, if three people share a room we charge them $40, etc.) (Voted on 4/7/07, amended 6/7/09 and 6/28/09.)

Hostelers must pay in advance, and they may only pay with a money order or cashier's check. Checks and cash cannot be accepted. (3-21-10.)

Hosteler Acceptance Policy

The Membership Coordinator will ask prospective hostelers for more information about themselves (such as a Facebook page) and will ask them to explain why they would be a good fit for the house. The Membership Coordinator accepts or rejects potential hostelers based on who can take the room when it is available, who will stay the longest (in order to bring in the most money with the least turnover), and who will be the best fit for the house. The Membership Coordinator should not accept hostelers who won't be a good fit for the house. If there is any question whether someone will be a good fit for the house, the Membership Coordinator should contact the house and ask the house's opinion. Hostelers should be civil, friendly, able to pay in advance, and able to move out when their hosteling stay is completed. (House vote, 12/6/09.)

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