Financial Calendar

Sasona Fiscal Year:

July 1st-June 30th – Sasona Fiscal Year.

June 1st - Budget for next fiscal year should be approved so that one-month notice can be given for rent to increase July 1st. (See Section 31 of TheContract: "RENT CHANGE: CHEA may give notice of at least 30 days of a rent change proposed to take place during the term of this contract.")

(See: TheBudget)

NASCO Properties Fiscal Year:

May 1st-April 30th - NASCO Properties Fiscal Year

April 30th - Maintenance money must be spent or it will go back to NP maintenance reserves.

May 30th - All maintenance receipts for the previous fiscal year must be turned in, preferably earlier.

February - NP sets its budget for the fiscal year, so all rent increases should be known around this time.

September 1st - NASCO Properties rent increases go into effect.

Sasona rent payment:

1st of every month – Rent is due.

3rd of every month – Late fee assessed for balances of $100 or more.

7th of every month – Another late fee assessed for balances of $100 or more. Eviction notice sent out.

(See: RentPaymentPolicies)


November 15 - Taxes are due.

See: TaxFilingInformation

Monthly bills due:

Other bills:

Sasona's Tax ID# is 320019308.

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