Energy efficiency vision / master plan

Here's a PDF for an ongoing list of projects on the efficiency front. sasona efficiency vision.pdf

Energy efficiency project log

1/2011 - Started using foam sealant to seal many obvious gaps in floor and walls. Actual daylight seen in TV room was filled. Massive cracks in ramp leading from kitchen were sealed.

4/2011 - Started adding radiant barrier foil to attic, completed over Parker's room and Talulah's room (furthest reaches of brightside)

6/2011 - Duct and air sealing of entire house, supported by Austin Energy rebates

12/2011 - Next batch of radiant barrier installed over most of brightside. Trip's room, near trips room, and gaps over A/C unit in attic remain. Donny's room floor air-sealed and insulated to R-30.

Window Sizes

Here is a list of sizes for the windows that should eventually be replaced: (rough measurements for cost purposes; may need remeasuring before ordering replacements)

Hallway by laundry room:

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