Double Room Policies

House Votes

The charge for each extra person in a room per month is as follows: for ages 0-12: $100; for ages 13+: $150. (House vote, 5/10/09, 3/15/2015, 9/9/18)

$100 of the extra member fee shall go directly into the food budget each month (House vote 1/7/17)

Chart listing monthly cost for additional person sharing a room, whether child or adult:


Monthly rent





(For example: If the rate of the room is $600 and two adults share the room as a double room, then each person's rent will be ($600+$150)/2 = $375 each. Or, if a parent is sharing a room with their child, they will pay an additional $100 or $150 depending on the age of their child.)


2.5.1. Doubles should always be assigned to same sex roommates, unless specifically requested otherwise by both members involved

3.4.5. The house may offer either a single or a double contract to an applicant at the house's discretion

3.4.6. Changing from single to double: The house may authorize a person to change from a double to a single when:

3.4.7. Rules for doubles: Persons with double contracts must accept roommates. They must make every effort to cooperate and make the living arrangement work for both persons. Unacceptable behavior is grounds for eviction. Examples of unacceptable behavior are:

3.4.8. Living as a single with a double contract: The only time a person may live as a single and pay double rates is if the house ends up with and odd number of double contracts.


[Note: The above rules were likely taken from 21st St Co-op, from which Sasona spawned, and which has rooms that are always doubles, and the co-op assigns people to live in doubles together. Early on, Sasona stopped having rooms that are always doubles, and has never assigned strangers to live together in a room. So the rules don't make a lot of sense for Sasona at this point. - parker, Treasurer, March 2010. This note is meant for explanatory purposes and has not been voted on, take it for what it's worth.]


1. ROOM. CHEA will lease a single or a double for use as private residence only.

23.OCCUPANCY: Resident agrees that his\her room will be for only residential purposes by only the person named above; or if the room is double occupancy, the other occupant will be the person assigned by CHEA.

25.CONDITION OF PREMISES: [...] In the event of a double occupancy of a room, responsibility for damages to a room will be shared equally by Residents occupying the same room, in lieu of the resident responsible for the damages acknowledging responsibility for the damage.

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