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Water Heaters

Crud builds up at the bottom of these and they ought to be flushed yearly or so. Hook a garden hose up to the spigot (which looks like a garden spigot) at the bottom of the heater and let it drain into a bucket until it runs clear. The heater in the TV room has a spigot that might not turn off, you might just want to skip that one.

Kitchen Faucet

The faucets for the kitchen sink and mop-sink are identical. (note 2011-04-27: we replaced the mop sink, is that faucet still the same? Also note that the new mop sink has an issue with allowing hot water to backflow over the cold water line and flood the icemaker.] They appear to be the same as this --

Known problems:Leaks -- This is probably a worn diaphragm, part 25 in above diagram. To fix it you will need new diaphragms (make the KitchenManager or MaintenanceCoordinator order them), an allen wrench, and a long philips head screwdriver. Turn off the cut-off valves beneath the sink, the hot-water cut-off doesn't work, so you will have to turn off the water at the hot-water heater. Use the allen wrench to take off the faucet handle. Then unscrew the dome (#22) by hand. Remove the two carriage bolts that hold the cartridge (#24) to the base. The bolts are hidden, you have to thread the screwdriver vertically through the levers in the cartridge. The diaphragms are on the bottom of the cartridge.

Kitchen Sanitizer

Auto-Chlor serial no. 2571 model A5

There are three pump mechanisms at the top of the machine, which suck cleaning fluids up the vinyl tubing like slushee up a straw. To service the pumps, remove the metal cover (only two screws remain out of four). The pumps look like three vertical smack syringes. A rotating arm moves the plunger up and down at an appropriate point in the cycle. Fluid is drawn in through the one-way diaphram valve on the right, and out through a similar valve at the left. A lock-nut and washer at the top of the syringe plunger adjusts the quantity of fluid that pumps through.

Currently the middle pump works at the beginning of the cycle and pumps detergent into the wash, the rightmost pump bleach at the end of the cycle. The leftmost pump has a dried o-ring on the syringe plunger that no-longer makes a seal. It also has a broken in-valve cover that could possibly be repaired with glue or something.

According to the service record that can be found on the inside of the cover-plate, the o-rings on the plungers should be greased frequently.

Clothes Washer

This washer was purchased new 3/31/2011. It has a 5-year extended warranty under the name Alex Gustafson until 3/31/2016.

A scan of the receipt with some service information is here: Clothes Washer Receipt.jpg

Manuals for the Frigidaire Affinity front load washing machine (ATF8000FS):

Clothes Dryer

The manual for our dryer: L0712266.pdf view in Google Viewer

SasonaWaterFilters The water filter parts of interest may be:

Changing the small filter ($15) at the first sign of water pressure problems may extend the lift of the large filter ($80)

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