Sasona is responsible to be compliant with the federal American With Disabilities Act (ADA). Below is some regulations to keep in mind when doing house maintenance and restructuring, so that differently-abled members and guests in wheelchairs/mobility devices can navigate our property.

From this site, produced by the government: attached here: ADAAccessibilityGuidelinesforBuildingsandFacilities(ADAAG).pdf


4.2 Space Allowance and Reach Ranges.

4.2.1* Wheelchair Passage Width. The minimum clear width for single wheelchair passage shall be 32 inches at a point and 36 inches continuously. For an image to illustrate 4.2.1, see here: and

4.2.2 Width for Wheelchair Passing. The minimum width for two wheelchairs to pass is 60 inches. For an image to illustrate 4.2.2, see here:

4.2.3* Wheelchair Turning Space. The space required for a wheelchair to make a 180-degree turn is a clear space of 60 inches diameter or a T-shaped space. For an image to illustrate 4.2.3, see here: and

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