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*All Bills Paid + Laundry + Internet -- by Greenbelt & Barton Springs!

***All Bills Paid + Food + Internet = Non-profit, Member-owned CO-OP!***

***All Bills Paid + Food + Internet = Sasona Co-op!***

BE YOUR OWN LANDLORD! -- Non-profit, Member-owned Co-op

Non-profit, member-owned cooperative community


SOUTH AUSTIN - S. Lamar - Zilker

South Austin | S. Lamar | Zilker


Do you want to join a vibrant community that reflects your ideals? Sasona Co-op might be the place for you.

Sasona Cooperative provides individual rooms in a spacious, democratically run, member-owned household, located on an acre of land in the southern end of the Zilker Park neighborhood.

Rooms for $584 to $884 according to size. Currently, we don’t have any immediate vacancies, but we might have rooms opening later this winter. We hope to have a room open for you soon! Contact us if you would like to have dinner with us and take a tour of the house.

Benefits of living at Sasona Co-op:

If you’re curious about how a housing co-op works, please send us an email at and we’ll send you a comprehensive FAQ.

We strive to create an open and diverse community in which all people and lifestyles are accepted and valued. Our Open Membership policy ensures that anyone interested in the benefits of cooperative living has the opportunity to live at Sasona.

Unfortunately, there are no dogs allowed (except for service dogs).

Cats are allowed, but no more than 5 cats are allowed to live in the house at one time. Please contact us to see if we have reached the 5 cat limit.

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